Logitech Zaggmate iPad 2 Keyboard Case

We think that it is the best iPad 2 accessory you should definitely have. The keyboard case is an award winning product which reflects the expertise and quality of Zagg and Logitech companies. We, iPad owners care a lot how stylish and attractive our accessories are. This is an attention and curiosity magnet. Prepare yourself for jealous eyes as well :)

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iPad 2 Keyboard Case Logitech Zaggmate

The new Logitech iPad 2 keyboard case is actually much more sleek and better designed version of 2010′s hit iPad gadget, ZaggMate. It is made from top grade aluminum and precisely cut to fit iPad 2. Zagg and Logitech is very successful at creating a product which perfectly complements the tablet, both in design and functionality.

Here are the cons and pros of buying iPad 2 keyboard case.


It is a very solid multi-functional accessory. You pay once for a protective aluminum case, keyboard and stand.

Convenient fast typing. Key strokes are very well processed and it achieves to provide same comfort of having a laptop for typing.

iPad 2 Keyboard Case Logitech Zaggmate

Edges and corners are well padded for added protection against accidental bumps

iPad 2 optimized fast-access keys on keyboard

Ability to use iPad 2 in both modes (landscape or portrait)

Fast Bluetooth wireless pairing and charging via USB.


No auto-pairing with the tablet. It needs manual connection each time when you want to use.

Opening the case is hard and it would need some practice (20, 30 times) to be used to.

No protection on the back of iPad 2 (Buy Invisible Shield for full coverage of iPad 2)

Not compatible with Smart Covers. (We think smart cover is a real crap and can not really say that it is a big disadvantage)

In conclusion; the purchase of Logitech iPad 2 keyboard case is definitely worth if you regularly type. There are some minor disadvantages you can ignore and there are no other keyboard cases which are close to quality of this accessory.

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iPad 2 Keyboard Case Logitech Zaggmate